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the fate of our destiny

Zachary Freeman
27 May
I am a person, although sometimes my actions seem contrary to such a statement as is given with any person. I conclude that I am only a person strictly by defination and not in the slightest by character.

I quite wholesomely enjoy making music (see above) with the strings in my voice box and the strings on my guitar(s). Also the vibrating tones that errupt from my amplifier are quite nice under the right circumstances. This is quite fulfilling especially in conjunction with other people making their own forms of music, whether it be turn tables, drums, computers, spoons, dobro, banjo, guitars, or sampling sounds to create beats/melodies. The list goes on and on. I try not to limit myself to any particular style of music although it's quite apparent that rock and metal are obviously my old 'stomping grounds'. Feel free to tell me how that term isn't properly used in that statement, chances are I'll provide you with a satisfactory rebuttal with which you could choose to accept or debate. Tell me anything you want really, I'll respond in a matter in which I see fit, which is usually friendly unless you're being a jerk. I also enjoy many of the aspects of movie/film production. I'm not much of a writer but like to try none the less. I enjoy reading (books, not monitors) and the general aquisition of knowledge (I will learn from a monitor but I won't neccessarily enjoy it. I'd sooner print it off if I can.)

I'm a firm believer that feelings should be expressed. If you feel a certain way about someone, you should tell them. Particularely if someone pisses you off, or you decide you don't like a person. I can't comprehend what it may accomplish by hating someone and pretending not to. I suppose it might have it's merits, but why make a person feel isolated by pretending to be their friend. I suppose if you actually mean to cause harm to that person then by all means, hold in your anger and pretend it's non-existant. Chances are you're just putting a downer into your own day.

Here are some words to live by

Take my advice, I'm not using it.
You can't keep a good dog from pissing on your leg.
Make sure to have a good dump at work everyday so we can save on toilet paper.

Here are some words to die by.

Hey, I remember you, you're that guy that's on america's most...
Wow, I've never been in a car with no inside door handles before.
What's this button do?

Here are some words to love by

woog woog woog
how's my snookie fuzz head?
chubbers bunny is the prince of fat.

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